27 August 2010

Footy Colours Day

What: Footy Colours Day
Where: Australia wide
When: Friday 3rd sept
Cost: Fundraiser
Info: http://www.footycoloursday.com.au

25 August 2010

Bridal Exhibition

What: Bridal Exhibition
Where: Exhibition Center, Darling harbour
When: 28th - 29th Aug
Cost: $20
Info: http://www.australianbridalservice.com.au/

24 August 2010

Whisky Live Sydney 2010

What: Whisky Live Sydney 2010
Where: Royal Randwick Racecourse
When: 12 - 4pm or 5pm - 9pm Sat 28th Aug
Cost: $85
Info: http://www.whiskylive.com.au/tastingexpo.html

Bollywood Filming

What: Bollywood Filming at Darling Harbour
Where: Various Locations at darling harbour
When: 9am - 5.30pm Thur 26th Aug
Cost: FREE to watch

23 August 2010

Fireworks at Darling Harbour

What: Fireworks at Darling Harbour
Where: Cockle bay, Darling Harbour
When: 8.30pm Sat 28th Aug
Cost: FREE
Info: http://www.darlingharbour.com/sydney-Things_To_Do-Harbourside_Fireworks.htm

22 August 2010

Daffodil Day

What: Daffodil Day
When: Fri 27th Aug
Where: Everywhere
Cost: Fund Raiser for Cancer
Info: http://www.daffodilday.com.au

18 August 2010

Ride For Life

What: Ride For Life
Where: Centennial Parklands
When: 22 Aug
Cost: Fund Raiser
Info: http://www.rideforlife.org.au/

Taste of Orange Bondi

What: Taste of Orange Bondi
Where: Bondi
When: 23rd to 29th Aug
Cost: Fee charged for tasting
Info: http://www.tasteorange.com.au/tastebondi.htm

17 August 2010

Gardening Expo Sydney

What: Gardening Expo Sydney
Where: Rosehill Gardens Racecourse
When: 10am to 4.30pm 20th-22nd Aug
Cost: $17
Info: http://www.abcgardeningexpo.com.au

14 August 2010

Cup Cake Day for the RSPCA

What: Cup Cake Day for the RSPCA
Where: Australia Wide
When: 16th Aug
Cost: Fundraiser
Info: http://www.rspcacupcakeday.com.au/

Organic Expo & Green Show

What: Organic Expo & Green Show
When: 20/22nd Aug
Where: Exhibition Centre
Cost: $16
Info: http://www.organicexpo.com.au/

11 August 2010

Coonawarra Wine Tasting Roadshow

What: Coonawarra Wine Tasting Roadshow
Where: The Menzies Hotel, Sydney
When: Tuesday 17th August, 5pm to 8pm
Cost: $25
Link: http://www.coonawarra.org/

Voodoo Hosiery Catwalk

What: Voodoo Hosiery Catwalk
Where: Martins Place Sydney
When 11th and 12th Aug
Cost: FREE
Info: http://www.voodoohosiery.com.au

02 August 2010


What: City2Surf
Where:HydePark/ Bondi
When: Sun8thAug
Cost: Fund raiser
Info: http://www.city2surf.com.au/

Indonesian Festival

What: Indonesian Festival
Where:Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour
When: sat 7th Aug
Cost: FREE

01 August 2010

Mudgee Wine and Food Fair

What: Mudgee Wine and Food Fair -
Where: Balmoral Beach
When:Sunday 8th August
Cost: FREE
Link: http://www.mudgeewine.com.au/